Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Star

The Star
by: R.A. Slater

She traverses the horizon
Moving with a rhythm unknown
Sometimes she is the evening star
Giving light and guidance to the weary traveler
Other times she is the morning star
Greeting the early riser
Her brightness outshines all
Blazing long before night has fallen
Lingering in the dawn

Monday, November 28, 2011

No story

No story
by: R.A. Slater

I sit with the paper
Snow white on the table before me
The pen I hold in my hand
Poised and ready
But nothing comes
There is only silence
Where words once flowed
Like water from the sky
But now there is not even a mist
The characters that once crowded my head
Are now frozen mid frame
Awaiting their next action, next sentence, next heartbeat
And I cannot give it to them
Their stories halted until a time I cannot see
How I long to tell stories again

Saturday, November 26, 2011


by: R.A. Slater

The Vulcan raised his eyebrow
To hear his captain's comment
About the good old days
When firing phasers at Klingons
Was the order of the day
No one questioned his decision
Or thought asking questions first
Would have been wiser
Let the fists fly
And let the blood flow
The price of peace in the good old days
Is not diplomacy better?
Asked the logical first officer
Peace without war, without blood?
They may be different from us
That does not make them the enemy
The tired old captain sighed
And said 'I suppose'
The Vulcan then realized
His friend was just tired
Of not being able to tell at a glance
Who the enemy really was
How could one be sure
When friends became foes
When the enemy wore the familiar uniform
Quietly the Vulcan put forth his argument
That it was not people that were the enemy
But hatred, fear, and insecurities
Instead of seeing Infinite Diversity
In Infinite Combinations
These insecure people saw only differences
And not the similarities
The common bond that knit all of life together
But the tired old captain could only agree
To hold his fire through the truce
Embrace them he could not
The Vulcan let it go
Seeing the beginning of the end
A small victory to be sure
But an avalanche could tip
At a snowflakes landing

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?
by: R.A. Slater

It seems just like yesterday
Gas was only $3.49 a gallon
And milk was not far off
Chocolate was only 75 cents
How prices have gone up!
They pay us less and less each year
And make the work harder
And longer!
Do you remember?
It seems just like yesterday
When you only had to wait an hour
To get from one side of town
To the other
Traffic has gotten so bad these days!
Do you remember?
It seems just like yesterday
Things were so easy
The grass was greener
Everything was cheaper
At least that is how
Our children of today
Will look back on these days
When our age they reach
And we in grayer caps
Will chuckle as history repeats
As the good old days are recalled

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blazing Glance

Blazing Glance
by: R.A. Slater

God just glanced at me
Burning blazing fire
Racing across my bones
Searing my flesh
Hair standing on end
Just a look, just a touch
And all that I am
Known to Him
No hidden flaw
Secrets revealed
Yet there is no shame
Liquid gold coursing my veins
As He speaks my name
So similiar to my lover
The thrill, the warmth, the love
Passion and comfort

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Funeral

The Funeral
by: R.A. Slater

We gather together
After so long apart
Scattered across the globe like confetti
Drawn together this day
For reasons we do not want
Bearing unspeakable pain
We hold our chins high
And link our arms together
Knowing that we are only a strong
As our weakest link
Whom we will not leave behind
Because family sticks together
Through thick and thin
Each taking a moment alone
We say goodbye
To a brother lost to us
Gone ahead on life’s next journey
But then we gather back together
Stronger together than alone

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


by: R.A. Slater

Hard to be watched
No freedom to be had
When nothing wrong have I done
An hour of innocent fun
Misunderstood by his jealous heart
Love him I do, does he not know?
My heart is his and his alone!
Hunted I am, by his jealous eye
Haunted I am, by my need to be free
How long can I live this way?
When can I fly, free from his chains?
Only I can know,
Only I can set myself free,
When I have had enough,
And finally realize his love is not real.

written as a response to a Poetry a Day challenge

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bittersweet the Memories

Bittersweet the Memories
by: R.A. Slater

Oh, brother of mine...
where did you go?
How can it be...
that you are gone from us?
There are no words...
to describe the pain inside...
it is too new and sharp.
Tears still flow from the shock...
from the gaping hole in our lives.
But memory remains...
as I hold the picture of you.

Ten of us gathered around our sire...
memories from a lifetime ago.
All the love, laughter, tears and drama...
that goes along with “Family”.
Each set of memories unique...
As the one who holds them.

How you were there when needed...
A strong arm in times of crisis.
Of winter holidays of cheer...
And summer picnics and slower days.
Always ready to lend a helping hand...
Rain, sleet, snow or shine.
How deeply you are missed already...
A treasure unredeemed.
How bittersweet the memories...
for they are all we have left.
How the good outweighs the bad...
to shine through this dark night.

Author's note: This poem is dedicated to the memory of my brother Glenn R. Slater who passed from this world into the next on October 31, 2011. I have a feeling there will be more to follow, because as the poem above states, it is all too new still. Indeed, almost a month later it still doesn't feel 'real'.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the Night

In the Night
by: R.A. Slater
Sound Bites Series

I still look for You in the night
In the silent stillness
Though it is dark now
In that place where Your face used to be
Though Your voice no longer calls to me
And Your sweet touch is but a memory
Still Your fragrance lingers on the edges
So I know You're not far
How long will You make me wait?
How long till You touch me again?
How long before Your voice is heard again?
In that place where You used to be?
My watch, my search, my longing continues

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Whisperings and the Thunderings

The Whisperings and the Thunderings
by: R. A. Slater
Sound Bites Series #14

I hear a Voice in the stillness
And what You say to me leaves me in awe
Reminding me of promises of old
Of hearing Your Voice as thunder
But You tell me
The Whisperings and the Thunderings are the same
It is not You raising Your Voice that is different
It is my perception that changes
The clarity of my hearing
Becoming sharper as I listen in the silence

Monday, October 31, 2011

Vain Imaginations

Vain Imaginations
By: R. A. Slater

The promises of God are “yes and amen”
But unless they are written in His Word
The whispers you think you hear
Are most likely vain imaginations
God never promised me home and hearth
Children playing at my feet
He never promised me fame or world acclaim
Or publishers clamoring for my next book
He never promised me a beautiful life
Free of thorn and thistle
They were vain assumptions I made
Thinking I heard His voice
When they were only my wants and desires
Hearing only what I wanted
Surely He has more important matters
Than one woman's broken heart over lost dreams
Fates of nations and leaders
The lost, the hungry, the ill
The broken, the abandoned and abused
Surely He is mad enough for adding to that number
As am I for wishing such a thing
Even though I believe a good mother I would be
He must think differently
For my womb is barren
As is my heart, empty and cold
Perhaps He has a grander plan
Or perhaps it's been delayed
But I cannot see it
Though I squint and strain
I cannot bare to hope anymore
For it only brings more pain
To keep hearing heaven's “No”
We can't all have our prayers answered “yes”
What a mess that would be
We can't all be Hannah
Some must walk the harder path
Though we stumble and fall
Sometimes becoming lost in the briars
One thing he HAS promised
In this we must trust
He promised never to leave nor forsake us
Even when we wander off
He remains by our side even then
Refusing to pick up a stone when we fall
Helping us to our feet instead
And giving us strength to go on

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Every Wretched Heartbeat

In Every Wretched Heartbeat
by: R.A. Slater

Oh, wretched woman that I am
That such innocent beauty
Should cause me pain and heartache
Instead of the joy and wonder
She was meant to bestow
A tiny bundle sent into the world
But she is not mine
Another holds her
Tiny fingers curled tight
Dainty eyes closed in sleep
At peace with the world
Though it rages around her
I cannot help but long
For a bundle of my own
But I have long ago given up hope
It is not mine to have
It is not mine to hold
So I look on at others' joy
Trying not to show the pain
Making myself numb
Needing to be numb
I cannot feel this pain
Though it is all encompassing
In every breathe I draw
In every wretched heartbeat

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still
by: R.A. Slater

The clock hits 2pm
And time stands still
Dragging and drawing each moment out
As every man and woman “on the clock”
Waits for the tick to tock
Till they can punch the time card
And run out the door to blessed freedom
Free for a few hours
To play and to chore
Until the morning doth reappear
And once more they drag themselves
Kicking, screaming, resigned
Back into the den of servitude
For bills to pay
Families to feed
And toys to buy
An endless cycle
As sure as death and taxes

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hidden Prayer

Hidden Prayer
by: R.A. Slater

Hide the bruises, ignore the pain
Pray it never happens again
They say I'm foolish to forgive
And naive to hope against the odds
But I pray on anyways
Ever wondering why
Why him, why me
Why the viscious circle
Had to cycle down to our generation
Let it die, let it end
Let it never happen again
Oh, Changer of hearts
Renew our spirits
Let Your grace and mercy flow in
Your blood was not shed for nothing
But for problems like these
Work Your "magic" in us
So all might see
And marvel at Your changing power
I pray on, in the hidden dark
Trusting that You can do all things
Like Your Word says

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Perpetual Night

Perpetual Night
by: R.A. Slater

It took me by surprise
This dark night of the soul
There was no warning
It was just there
Day turned into night
Upon the horizon a faint light
Waxes and wanes
As the Full Moon darkens to New
Perpetual night never turning to day
You have set me here for a purpose
Of this my heart is sure
Though others mock and deride
For my failures here in this dark place
I trust in You alone
To forgive and understand
To shower Your grace and Your mercy
Strengthen me, I pray
And let this night once again turn to day

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Crimson Stain

Crimson Stain
by: R.A. Slater

Another month passes
Crimson stains mar my vision
Another hope dashed
Another dream unraveled
My heart withers within
As the darkness deepens
No tears fall
They were spent
On this rocky shore long ago
And there is nothing left
Except ever increasing sorrow

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In a Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat
by: R.A. Slater
Sounds Bites Series #13

"Please Jesus"
In a heartbeat
No time for more
Danger too great
Pain too deep
Trusting You to see
Exactly what it is I need

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


by: R.A. Slater

Do I follow?
This man I do not know
What might lay
On the path he takes?
Should I stay where I'm at?
Wander back the way I've come?
So many choices
Life has to offer
Risks and rewards
Which is greater
I must decide
And quickly too
Before the chance to follow
Is too late to take
As he gets farther and farther away
I must make my choice...

See pic at this post

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Through the Window

Through the Window
by: R.A. Slater

I open the shades to let light in
To look out and enjoy the view
Breathing in fresh air
Well aware that strangers come to peep
And peer through the window
That seems fair to me
Because they let me peep
Through their windows as well
Seeing so many things
Their hopes
My dreams
My trials
Their tribulations
The ups and downs of daily life
Shared by a family of strangers
Connected by a little web
Strengths and weaknesses
Balance each other out
Some more talented then others
But nothing held against another
Deep thoughts here
Poems there
Histroical trivia here
Mundane ventings there
So many ideas and thoughts
Myriad of subjects
All wrapped together
Weaving a story too big
For one person to tell
All are needed

Friday, January 21, 2011

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue
by: R.A. Slater

I was sitting on the side
Trying my best to be invisible
Ignored and forgotten
Feeling so sad and down
And then there You were
A ray of sunshine
Out of the blue
To shine happiness on me
You remembered me
And You wanted me to know
Just how much You thought of me
And just how much You loved me
You have not fogotten
And wanted me to know!


by: R.A. Slater

I stand before the jagged mirror
Staring at the image it gives me
Looking through the lense
Of a different perspective
How can I ever be me
When all I see are other views
Distorted beyond recognition
Not as You see me
Which is crystal clear
Sharp clear lines and curves
Nothing highlighted
Niether flaw nor perfection
The whole picture
Of who I am
Help me gaze on You
To see myself clear
For all else is distorted
And self obsession

Picture here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken Silence 2

Broken Silence
by: R.A. Slater

How quiet it was
This golden silence
That spoke magnitudes
If I had the ear to hear
But that is nearing its end
As you have promised
To break this spell
I've been under
That mortals call Writer's Block
Many do not understand
The terror of this
Faced with blank page
Equally blank mind
I could not have written
Anything but drivel
Though I did try
In vain it was
But the silence is ending
Thoughts and words and pictures
Flow through my mind without end
What sweet relief
As we meet again
This wonderful creativity
Some mortals do not understand
Because they have not had the joy
Of the broken silence
Because they never had the Voice
Whispering in their ear
In the first place

Monday, January 17, 2011


by: R.A. Slater

It's all I have to give
A single beating heart
Full of hopes and dreams
Innocent in spite of it all

As You had created me
A spark in Your imagination
Not just another cog in Your design
But a rare and sparkling gem

Hidden beneath a scarred surface
Scorned and mocked by the world
For its lack of apparent beauty
It is a rare treasure

For this heart that beats within
Was formed in the secret place
Weaved together at Your delight
Beats for You above all else

My heart has been Yours
From the very beginning
Every dream and every hope
Putty in Your hands

Beautiful is what I am
Not because of what is outside
This beauty shines from within
Facets polished by Your hand

How I delight You!
In ways others can't see
I am Your daughter
And Oh, how You love me!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who You Are

Who You Are
by: R.A. Slater

You are great
In all You do
I need Your strength
To see me through
You are awesome
In Your power
The waves toss high
Knocking me down
But You lift me up again
You are the lifter
Of all the downtrodden
Of which I know I am
Ground down to dust
You shine Your light
Across my path
For I need Your help
To stay the course
There is none that compare
To the splendor of Your glory
You are God and none can compare
It is Your help that stays my course
Because that is Who You are

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Hour

Dark Hour
by: R.A. Slater

In this dark hour
When light begins to fade
When friend turns to foe
And your every breath hurts
Remember the Lord God your Savior
For He bought you with his blood.

When all around you is as the unknown
Strangers are your only ally
On the long and arduous trip
Through the fire of refining
Remember the Lord God your Savior
For He also made a long and lonely trip.

When the walls of Jericho remain standing
With not even Rahab's scarlet rope hanging in the breeze
When the enemy gathers 'round
And flexes his imagined muscles
Praise the Lord God your Savior
And those walls will come tumbling don
The darkness will part, the light will shine
Praise Him with every breath and the pain will ease
And you will have the strength to go on.

When your hope dims and your heart withers within
When your strength fails and your faith is tested
When your dreams turn to dust that blows away with the wind
Or is stolen and derailed by the enemy
Do NOT despair, for your Restorer is near
The Lord God your Savior is your hope and your salvation
In Him is your hope, your strength, your joy
It is He who holds your dreams in the palm of His hand
It is His to decide whether to rid you of them for something else
Or to give them back once you've surrendered to Him
It is He who will enable your heart and your faith
To withstand the fires of trial
And to emerge victorious, stronger, bolder
Emblazoned with His glory
To shine in this dark hour
As a testimony to His goodness and mercy
To shine as a blazing torch to show the True Way
For all who are in darkness

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Presbyter Experience

Presbyter Experience
by: R.A. Slater
early 2001

Where are my words of triumph?
Where is my word of revelation?
Is there no confirmation of words past?
Do I not likewise have a vision,
And a future in this place?
Am I not also going to reach nations?
And not my books going to minister to millions?
Are not my hands and voice anointed as well?
Was my words lost in the shuffle?
Or just laid aside until a later time?
Does not God speak to me as well?
Does not His Holy Spirit bear witness to me?
Is not my heart His dwelling place?
The Word is my confirmation and comfort,
All else is secondary, though nice.
I will not doubt despair, too much,
When humans fail me.
For the Lord my God is here to stay.
Though I do not understand,
And will cry due to unmet expectations.
Yet I will trust Him, an expect Him
To have something better in store for me.

authors note: a Presbyter is when a church brings in a group of seasoned prophets for the express purpose of prophecying to the individuals in that church. Obviously, they ran out of time before they got to me his time and I was feeling somewhat discouraged.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

O Lord, O God

O Lord, O God
by: R.A. Slater
date unknown, early FB years.

How it did please You
When I broke forth from my pew
Though to man I did look absurd
You shook Your head at my human embarrassment
Knowing I could not see
Just how You did view me
The pureness of heart, the absolute glee
The freedom to dance, the courage to sing
All of heaven did cheer
As I Your child did discover
That I too could draw near
And dance into Your heart
Where forever I do belong
My hands did wave, and my heart did soar
O Lord, O God - how can this be?
How is it that this freedom has departed from me?
When did their standard come in
To be first above Yours?
As though others are my judge and jury
And You the referee!
How prideful can I be
To worry how my equals judge me
When You alone hold eternity?
How foolish I know I am
To look back on that moment, and all that have followed
And see the flaws, and the mistakes - through the eyes of Man
When none of that did You see
But the beauty of eyes fixed on You
And a heart that at that moment did feel
Every drop of love that You did shed for me
If only I could never forget
The pit that You did draw me out of
And the prison You set me free from
O Lord, O God, can I ever get back
The joy and the innocence that I have so foolishly lost?
Will I ever be so carefree
As that day when it was
That I first did break free?
Please create in me a newness of life
A newness of joy and peace
And renew the Spirit that You have placed within me
Mold me and make me
A woman after Your heart alone
Knowing that no matter what
You will always love me
Even as You convict and make new
This heart that had once forsaken You
I hear in my heart Your gentle voice
Telling me of the sureness of Your forgiveness
And of promises yet to be seen
Whispers of faith untold
And of greater promises to unfold
More dances to be danced, more songs to be sung
Greater joy to be had, a deeper peace to be known
Heaven's heights will become known
And Jesus, Your face I will see
Smiling and laughing with me
O Lord, O God, my heart does leap!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Let the Storm Rage

Let the Storm Rage
by: R.A. Slater
date unknown, but it's from the same batch I just found, so it's old.

Let the storm rage
I am planted on a firm foundation.
Let the lightning strike and the thunder crash
For I know my Shelter will protect.
Let the waves wash over me
I shall not drown.
Let the winds blow
They may knock me down, but they will not blow me away.
Though I may quake and fail
His promises will endure.
He has promised to pick me up
When I fall down.
Though my heart shall fail and my soul faint
He has promised never to leave nor forsake.
Though my steps falter and wander
He is still there.
Though I cannot see Him
I know He holds me through the storm.
And when the tempest is through
I shall see things anew.
My eyes He will dry
And my heart He will revive.
He shall straighten my path
And light my way.
And when tomorrow brings a new storm
I will not fear.
I will trust Him
For I know no other way.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Staircase

The Staircase
by: R.A. Slater
early 2000's after the New Years Eve Church service/party

On and on it seems to stretch
*This staircase in my life
Of trials and tribulations, of challenges and growth
*That I alone can climb, must climb
Though the trip is wearying
*It is not in vain
For He is a promise-keeper
*His promises are 'yes and amen'
And He has promised great things
*Though I do not see them except in my mind's eye
From where I now stand
*The staircase appears to have no end
Though I know that this is an illusion
*Cast by my perspective
Could I look down and see my life
*From heaven's higher view
I would see things quite differently
*From what I see them to be while here on earth
Though granted revelations
*Of God and of my self
That often gives reprieve of my emotions
*I often live mment by moment
Often forgetting to even ask
*For those revelations
I grow so eary of this constant climbing
*This constant battle to be who I am meant to be
In such moments God will sometimes give
*A moment to rest, a moment to breathe, a moment to reflect
Sometimes we will sit in silence together
*Grateful for each other's presence
Sometimes I will weep for the emotion of the moment
*And His loving arms hold me in a tender embrace
That strenthens me and draws me nearer to Him
*And keeps me from falling off this staircase that grows ever steeper
Sometimes I will look back down the staircase
*And wonder at what I see
Although the memory of the past steps have been emblazoned in my heart and mind
*I see only a gradual incline behind me
Littered with gemstones of tears
*Made beautiful by His compassion
Littered with the torn down alters of my life
*Now an altar to Him and Him alone
Littered with cast aside burdens
*Burdens that ever prowl, awaiting a chance to reattach themselves
How I did fight, sometimes kicking and screaming
*To give up those things that stained my worship
And when I surrendered my will to His
*How I did wonder why I fought so hard
The path before me is steep
*As it always has been
And He alone knows how many times
*I have paused in moments of despair to gaze over the side of these stairs
And into the dark abyss
*Pondering dark thoughts of giving up
But as I listen to the quiet voice within and without
*I am filled with comfort and peace
For the voice of God does not condemn me for my weakness
*No, He reminds me that He is God, and He is good
That He has given we abundant life
*If I am willing to walk in it
That I am His child
*And nothing will ever take me from Him
That the heart of the cross did beat with love for me
*With all my foibles and follies, sin burdened and alone
And so, knowing beyond feeling, that hope remains
*I rise to my feet, repositioin my armor and continue the climb
Knowing that I do not climb alone
*For He often carries me
And that the heart of the cross
*Beats for me still