Thursday, July 02, 2009

Idle Worship

This one comes from April 2004.

Idle Worship
By: R.A. Slater

Sing me a song
And I’ll go along
.....As into the throne room we go

But don’t ask me to help
I’ll be sure to yelp
.....And proclaim that it’s just not fair

I won’t go into the river
For all the world’s silver
.....If the water is too hot

All the finest gold
Won’t help if the river’s cold
.....I prefer it to be lukewarm

Won’t you give me a break?
For I’ve had such a hard week
.....And I think it’s time to eat

I’m much too tired
To feel on fire
.....Let me go home and take my nap

It is no wonder why
Things in life go awry
.....And God remains silent

We have no time
But think it’s no crime
.....Until He has no time for us

We have such passion and zeal
For something unreal
.....While the Lord is ignored

If we worshipped our Lord
As we do our idols
.....How He would draw near!