Tuesday, January 04, 2011

O Lord, O God

O Lord, O God
by: R.A. Slater
date unknown, early FB years.

How it did please You
When I broke forth from my pew
Though to man I did look absurd
You shook Your head at my human embarrassment
Knowing I could not see
Just how You did view me
The pureness of heart, the absolute glee
The freedom to dance, the courage to sing
All of heaven did cheer
As I Your child did discover
That I too could draw near
And dance into Your heart
Where forever I do belong
My hands did wave, and my heart did soar
O Lord, O God - how can this be?
How is it that this freedom has departed from me?
When did their standard come in
To be first above Yours?
As though others are my judge and jury
And You the referee!
How prideful can I be
To worry how my equals judge me
When You alone hold eternity?
How foolish I know I am
To look back on that moment, and all that have followed
And see the flaws, and the mistakes - through the eyes of Man
When none of that did You see
But the beauty of eyes fixed on You
And a heart that at that moment did feel
Every drop of love that You did shed for me
If only I could never forget
The pit that You did draw me out of
And the prison You set me free from
O Lord, O God, can I ever get back
The joy and the innocence that I have so foolishly lost?
Will I ever be so carefree
As that day when it was
That I first did break free?
Please create in me a newness of life
A newness of joy and peace
And renew the Spirit that You have placed within me
Mold me and make me
A woman after Your heart alone
Knowing that no matter what
You will always love me
Even as You convict and make new
This heart that had once forsaken You
I hear in my heart Your gentle voice
Telling me of the sureness of Your forgiveness
And of promises yet to be seen
Whispers of faith untold
And of greater promises to unfold
More dances to be danced, more songs to be sung
Greater joy to be had, a deeper peace to be known
Heaven's heights will become known
And Jesus, Your face I will see
Smiling and laughing with me
O Lord, O God, my heart does leap!

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