Sunday, May 14, 2006



by R.A. Slater

Once again
Caught unawares

In shards

Told to go away
To stay away
Given no choice

How much more
Why does it have to hurt
Where can I hide

No one to hold me
To stop the bleeding
Dry my tears

I cry out to You
Needing You

Pain too great
Black hole

I wait for You

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Simple Prayer

No date given...{shrug}

A Simple Prayer
by: R.A. Slater

Father God -
......I receive Your Mercy
......I receive Your Grace
......I receive Your Forgivennes
As You have shown me mercy,
......Help me to be merciful
......To share Your mercy with others, even the unmerciful.
As You have shown me grace,
......Help me to show Your grace at work in my life
......To those who don't know You.
As You have shown me undeserved forgiveness,
......Help me to be forgiving
......To forgive the unforgivable
Speak into my life as never before,
......Let Your words ring loud and clear
Dispel this fog of conufsion that seems to surround me,
......And help me to see You as never before -
......To see Your face and Your glory
......Your vision for my life
......The things You would have me do
......The words You would have me speak
......To see in others - to have You seen in me.
Lord, I can do nothing without You,
......You are my breath and my heartbeat.
You have placed this fire and passion within me,
......A vision too grand to be of my own imagining
......And I long for You to bring it to be
......For all Your promises are Yes and Amen -
......And I know that Your promises extend to me.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Father God ... I've Come Home

Don't have the exact date on this one, but I know that it had to be sometime in either September or October of 2001. Because of the issues I had going on in my life around the same time as the 9-11 attacks. I actually finished laying the issue to rest last night, so the poem needed to be revisted anyway. Made me smile.

Father God...I've Come Home
by: R.A. Slater

Broken and Bruised
I crawl back to You
Hoping against human hope
That You will forgive me yet again
Expecting to hear a resounding "NO"
Instead my heart melts at Your resounding "Welcome back"
Your gentle hands lift me,
And I wince in pain at the balm of Your love
The balm which is Your tears and Your blood
Applied to my wounds, shed at my iniquity
With gentle fingertips
You wipe the tears from my eyes
And wash me clean from the stains of my sorrow and torment
You whisper words of forgiveness and all consuming love
Into my aching soul,
And You hold me...
You Hold me as if I were Your most precious daughter in the entirety of creation
And as Your eyes smile at me......
......I know that I am


Another old one transposed from My Secret Place. 1-9-06. Written with a certain person from England on my mind.

by: R.A. Slater

Like a phantom you walk the corridors of my heart and mind
Your kisses steal my breath
Your touch brings a trembling
My heart longs for your presence
My ears long for the brush of your lips whispering your love
My skin longs for the caress of your hands
As a flower longs for the summer rain to wash over it
Yet when I open my eyes, you are no longer there
And I wonder if you are real, or a figment of my imagination

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Embers Of Glory

Another old one. I'm not sure of the date. Enjoy!

Embers Of Glory
by: R.A. Slater

Here in my hand I hold embers of Glory,
That which once was fire falling from heaven.
They are all that I have left,
Of the manifest Shekinah Glory of God.
Can they burn bright once more,
That which now dimly flickers,
No longer lighting the night with radiance?
Can they be coaxed by the breath of God
To turn to a pillar of flame once again,
As His presence once was in my life?
And if so, as the word of God says,
Will I be able to sustain the flame
Which He so graciously rekindles -
Or will I once again neglect
And let the fire burn down to smoldering embers?

found the date: 4-21-02