Monday, October 31, 2011

Vain Imaginations

Vain Imaginations
By: R. A. Slater

The promises of God are “yes and amen”
But unless they are written in His Word
The whispers you think you hear
Are most likely vain imaginations
God never promised me home and hearth
Children playing at my feet
He never promised me fame or world acclaim
Or publishers clamoring for my next book
He never promised me a beautiful life
Free of thorn and thistle
They were vain assumptions I made
Thinking I heard His voice
When they were only my wants and desires
Hearing only what I wanted
Surely He has more important matters
Than one woman's broken heart over lost dreams
Fates of nations and leaders
The lost, the hungry, the ill
The broken, the abandoned and abused
Surely He is mad enough for adding to that number
As am I for wishing such a thing
Even though I believe a good mother I would be
He must think differently
For my womb is barren
As is my heart, empty and cold
Perhaps He has a grander plan
Or perhaps it's been delayed
But I cannot see it
Though I squint and strain
I cannot bare to hope anymore
For it only brings more pain
To keep hearing heaven's “No”
We can't all have our prayers answered “yes”
What a mess that would be
We can't all be Hannah
Some must walk the harder path
Though we stumble and fall
Sometimes becoming lost in the briars
One thing he HAS promised
In this we must trust
He promised never to leave nor forsake us
Even when we wander off
He remains by our side even then
Refusing to pick up a stone when we fall
Helping us to our feet instead
And giving us strength to go on

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Kim Williams said...

You unlease a great passion here. Thank you.