Monday, January 03, 2011

Let the Storm Rage

Let the Storm Rage
by: R.A. Slater
date unknown, but it's from the same batch I just found, so it's old.

Let the storm rage
I am planted on a firm foundation.
Let the lightning strike and the thunder crash
For I know my Shelter will protect.
Let the waves wash over me
I shall not drown.
Let the winds blow
They may knock me down, but they will not blow me away.
Though I may quake and fail
His promises will endure.
He has promised to pick me up
When I fall down.
Though my heart shall fail and my soul faint
He has promised never to leave nor forsake.
Though my steps falter and wander
He is still there.
Though I cannot see Him
I know He holds me through the storm.
And when the tempest is through
I shall see things anew.
My eyes He will dry
And my heart He will revive.
He shall straighten my path
And light my way.
And when tomorrow brings a new storm
I will not fear.
I will trust Him
For I know no other way.

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