Monday, August 27, 2007

Figment 2

Figment 2
by: R.A. Slater

I awaken as though from a dream
Thinking I've held you near
Having felt your touch
Your voice caressing my ears
But as I push back the covers
The dreams are shattered
Reality sets in
The fog of uncertainty clearing
As my feet hit the cold hard floor
Darkness descends
Cold and hard as mountain bedrock
Traveling through my day
I realize that you were never there
That what we shared
Never existed
Created by my imagination
You turned out to be a figment after all
And I am left alone
Without even the warmth of hope
To wrap my heart in

Sunday, August 26, 2007


By R.A. Slater

Words … words … words
Tumbling around my head
Aching … longing … needing
To find expression
To have a voice
To be heard
How does one describe
A pain this sharp?
Pointed … piercing … pounding
A heart rejected
Tearing … torn … to pieces
Bleeding all over the place
Into every part of life
No facet untouched
Aching … alone … a void
Unseen … unwanted … undone
A heart so lonely
A heart so scared
Frightened and terrified
Shards … seeping … seeking
Broken … bleeding … bruised
This heart of mine
Laid bare for all of you to see
And all I have are words
Which cannot describe
Cannot explain
Cannot fix

Saturday, August 25, 2007


By R.A. Slater

I put your pictures away
A year ago today
Foolish I was
And foolish I am
Thinking I had found better
Not thinking at all
I got your pictures out today
Looked upon the face I adored
That I adore
Tracing its line with my eyes
Touching the picture
As though it were you
Smiling back at the smile on your face
Missing hearing that smile in your calls
I thought to pick up the phone
To hear your voice again
To let it caress my ears
As though it was my heart
To ask you
To beg you
To take me back
To love me again
But I know that I cannot
For last we spoke
You told me no
Breaking my heart
As I must have broke yours
Poetic justice perhaps
But my how it hurt
So once again
I put your pictures away