Friday, March 31, 2006


Here's one that I posted on my old Amazing Grace Blog. Dated: 8-16-05

by R.A Slater

Fill my life
With things that are good

Give greater joy
When I am sad

When I'm dry
Pour into me

Do not deny
The hunger inside my heart

Hear my cry
For more of You

When I doubt
Strengthen my faith

Heal my heart
Bind up brokenness

Catch my tears
In Your bottle

Hear my prayers
That rise up to You

You satisfy me
Always satisfy

Friday, March 24, 2006

Deep Enough?

The date on the email said October 20, 2003

How deep is deep enough?

Deep Enough?

By: R. A. Slater

I’m way down deep
At the bottom of this pit
And the walls are very steep

I’m up to my knees in mud
But I know it could be worse
I could be covered with dry dust

It is warm down here where I am
My bones feel as though they’re aflame
Though I see no fire burning

The darkness is thick and heavy, but that’s all right
For every drop of glory that falls into this pit
Splits the darkness like a flaming meteorite

I can see His light shining
In the great far distance
Letting me know that I’ve not been abandoned

The walls are too steep to climb
I am torn and bruised
Exhausted from trying

Perhaps if I dig deeper
I will find a hidden reservoir
Living water to refresh

O Lord, I cry and shout!
Let the rain pour in!
Open up the deep!

Fill me from within
Cover me from above
Won’t you please shower me with Your love?

May Your falling rain drench my skin
And combine with the rising deep
To lift me above to where You are

For Your glory I do long
In Your presence I wish to dwell
Where Your promised joy strengthens me

It is for this I await
With expectant faith
At the bottom of this well

Monday, March 06, 2006

A poem on demand

I was babysitting the other day and was playing school with the little girl [who's a rather demanding teacher btw] and one of my assignments was to write a song. Poem, song, same thing right? I got a "star" for my poem.

Lord, how You satisfy me
The longings of my heart
The thirst of my sould
You hear my cries
You see my tears in the night
With Your love You satisfy me

Though I wander around
Without aim, lost and afraid
Though I stand in the desert
unable to see my way out
Still Lord You rain on me
And bring me safely home