Sunday, December 10, 2006


By: R.A. Slater

My God, my God
How I long to hear Your voice
Your gentle whisper, a lover’s caress
The thunder of Your glory, a King’s commanding
But when I listen
I fear that I have gone deaf
For all I hear is silence.

All around and about
The world is screaming
Shouting profanities and madness
Chaos beating at me
Turning me in endless circles
Of panic filled confusion.

But inside of me
When I listen for You
Where You used to be
There is only…

I cannot even hear
My heart crying out to You
Pleading for the silence to end
For Your presence to come once again
Beseeching You to come rescue me
From this quiet dungeon
Screaming for someone to help me
Screaming, beseeching, pleading…
Needing this pain to end.

What I would not give
The dreams, the hopes, heart’s desires
Just to hear…
…how I long to hear…
The whisper of Your breath
The gentle pitter-patter, the roaring crescendo
Of the rain of Your presence
For just to hear the rumble
Of that distant thunder
Would give me that hope back again.