Saturday, September 22, 2007


by: R.A. Slater

I used to be
A brightly burning fire
For You my Lord
Bright and hot
Strong and true
Somewhere along the way
I let the fire dampen
And now I cry out
Lord, burn once again in me!
Burning blazing fire
Holy passion
Pure delight
How I long for that life
Abundant life
To burn in me again
No longer hidden
Fire dripping from my fingers
Oh God, set me and send me
Set me aflame with Your love
And then where shall I run?
Where can I spread this life?
This life giving fire
Passionate delight
Air to the dying
Etnernal Flame
Holy Fire
Consume me
Let me be Your living torch
Here am I

Friday, September 14, 2007


by R.A. Slater

Sometimes life hits hard
Leaving me spinning
First one way and then the other
And I find myself wanting nothing more
Than a chance to sit at Your feet
And bask in Your glory

Brightly shining
Blazing and blinding
Warming the cold of my life
Comforting that which hurts
Seeking You, I find You
Sometimes quickly
Other times not

And we sit
Drawing near to each other
Renewing our communion
Taking me deeper
Burning me deeper
Changing me deeper

And as I bask in Your glory
Knowing You
I become discontent
And I realize
That there are others
In need of You

And they've never heard Your name

It is not enough to bask
Not enough to reflect Your glory
You must shine from within me
Consuming fire
Burn in me
Consume me

Each time I bask
Soak deeper into me
Then push me to my feet
Set me running to the dying
Lead me, run with me
Dwell in me

Saturate me
Burn in me
All the way
To the core
All the way
I am yours

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Light In the Darkness

Light In The Darkness
By: R.A. Slater

In the darkness I sat
Heart so cold
Lonely and afraid
Too tired to even call Your name
Lord how long must I wait
So long already
Your Voice silent
Here I wait longer still
Unwilling to give up hope
Though hope is gone
And then...there You are
Softly, gently, a light in the darkness
Your warmth spreading from limb to limb
Melting the coldness of my heart at last
Love renewed, a heart refined
Passion restored, all things new
Then...brightness explodes
Blazing glory
A fiery tornado
Oh how You consume me Jesus
Holy fire rushing through my veins
Not enough...never enough
Always wanting more
This intimacy
This deepness
That deepens
Hunger gone, thirst quenched
But always wanting more and more
Needing more
More of You