Monday, July 09, 2007

Treasures Of Darkness

Treasures Of Darkness
by R.A. Slater
I will give you treasures of darkness
And hidden riches of secret places
So said the Lord one lonely night
Treasures of darkness? I reply
What treasure can there be
In this darkness surrounding me?
Hounding, invading, all encompassing
Until it is all I can see
All that I feel
All I can hear
Every breath I struggle to take
Is saturated with its clinging dripping weight
There are no riches hidden here
In this secret place of my despair
Where I wonder if You're even there
Where I ask if You remember me
Have You heard my cries?
Have You been listening?
Were You there to catch my tears
To store them in Your bottle
Like Your Word says?
I am weary with my crying
Day in and day out
With no sign that You've heard
No sign of Your promised comfort
Where is this hidden treasure
That I have sought after
Groping about in this blinding darkness
And when I paused...
Breathing...Crying...Straining to hear...
Hoping to hear...Longing to hear...needing to hear...
I Am right here, He whispered
By your side
I have never been far
And have held you often
As you shed your tears
Catching each one in My bottle
Just as I promised
For I am a keeper of promises
Which you are still learning
Which is the treasure of this time
Though you do not see it yet
Nor its end
But I do, precious daughter of mine
I see the darkness' end
And its hold on you
And the joy that awaits you
As the darkness shatters all around
My light reflecting off the jagged edges
And you and I shall dance
As never before
Victory in the keeping
What intimacy we have had in this darkness
As the secrets of your heart have been laid bare to Me
For the darkness does not hide you from Me
For where you grope blindly
I have held firmly
What intimacy is yet to come
Once you learn these treasures
And let go of the darkness
And cling to Me