Friday, February 24, 2006

Healer, Come Heal

An old one - 12-29-99. Once again, I wonder what was going on. Whatever it was, it must have hurt. {throws hands up in mock surrender} People anyway!

Healer, Come Heal
by: R.A. Slater

Over my heart a scab had formed
A shell of protection to hide myself
And then your words, your actions
Pulled and pried and tore and tugged and shimmied and shoved
And ripped the scab clean away

Here I lie -, sore, beaten
Weeping along the way
No one to help, no one to listen
My life pours out -
...........oozing, bleeding, dying
And I am left to sit, staring vacantly
With the broken pieces of my life
Strewn about in chaos around me

Try as I might, I can't put the pieces back together again
Like a jigsaw puzzle laying loose, scattered about
A straight edge here, a corner there
The pieces refuse to meet in the middle
No order is found, there is no sense
I am left with this mess
As you go your merry way
Unaware or uncaring of the damage you've done

Savior........come rescue
Counselor........give ear
Put the pieces of Your child back together again
That which mankind ruthlessly, blindfull tore apart
That which she has sundered herself
Renew her broken spirit, make her whole and complete
Give her joy everlasting, surround her with Your freely given love

Spirit.........come guide and hold
Ease the pain in this Your little one
Wipe away the tears, restore the lost years
Repair the brokenness, smooth out the edges
Raise her up in Your power
Stand her in Your presence,
Secure in You
Shower her with Your glory
Rain down Your mercy
And in the quiet, in the raging storm
.................Healer, come heal

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How Long

Written last night, 2-21-06. The first two lines are loosely based on some verses in Psalm 84, but I didn't know that for sure until today.

How Long
by: R.A. Slater

My soul longs, and even waits
For You my Lord, my heart aches
I long for Your voice to re-enter my consciousness
As I strain to hear the songs You've promised to sing
I regret the day when I gave up and turned away
But even then You're hand held fast to keep me from falling too hard
And now when I look for You---I cannot see You
Where have You gone, when You've been with me all along?
Please won't You help me, give me some hint
I want to floow after You, but cannot even find a trail of breadcrumbs
Siren songs to the left and right blaring and screaming
Sometimes all through the night
Your voice is either drowned out or is silent
I know not which
I only want to know.....
......How long until I find you once again?????????

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here I Lay


Here I Lay
by: R.A. Slater

Here I lay weeping
No one to see

Wondering what it is
That once again I have done wrong

I am no different from others
All I want it to be loved

I try and I try
But no one hears my desperate cries for help

Are they deaf?
Am I speaking in tongues?

My heart's cry is to be held
But there is no one here

Except for the One in my anger
That I have ignored

How can I go back once again
When where I used to be wasn't good enough

I haven't done anything wrong
Except wanting to be loved

But I am the one to suffer
Along with other innocents

When O God will You hear?
When will You right these wrongs?

My whole heart is crying out
As David did in the Psalms

I am no different except in gender
Can't you hear me just as well?

My God, I am hurting
Please help