Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Hour

Dark Hour
by: R.A. Slater

In this dark hour
When light begins to fade
When friend turns to foe
And your every breath hurts
Remember the Lord God your Savior
For He bought you with his blood.

When all around you is as the unknown
Strangers are your only ally
On the long and arduous trip
Through the fire of refining
Remember the Lord God your Savior
For He also made a long and lonely trip.

When the walls of Jericho remain standing
With not even Rahab's scarlet rope hanging in the breeze
When the enemy gathers 'round
And flexes his imagined muscles
Praise the Lord God your Savior
And those walls will come tumbling don
The darkness will part, the light will shine
Praise Him with every breath and the pain will ease
And you will have the strength to go on.

When your hope dims and your heart withers within
When your strength fails and your faith is tested
When your dreams turn to dust that blows away with the wind
Or is stolen and derailed by the enemy
Do NOT despair, for your Restorer is near
The Lord God your Savior is your hope and your salvation
In Him is your hope, your strength, your joy
It is He who holds your dreams in the palm of His hand
It is His to decide whether to rid you of them for something else
Or to give them back once you've surrendered to Him
It is He who will enable your heart and your faith
To withstand the fires of trial
And to emerge victorious, stronger, bolder
Emblazoned with His glory
To shine in this dark hour
As a testimony to His goodness and mercy
To shine as a blazing torch to show the True Way
For all who are in darkness

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