Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Love Letter To God

A Love Letter To God
by: R.A. Slater

My love is not enough, it is not deep enough nor real enough
When compared to the love of My God, my Jesus who died for me

It is no longer enough to say the words, "I love you."
And only mean it on the surface level
For I mean to love You with all that I am,
With a true love that runs to the deepest, most secret hidden part of me
I want to love You with an all encompassing love
That far exeeds anything I've ever experienced.
I want to love You far deeper than any love
I've ever claimed to have.
I want to fall in love with You, My God and King
Head over heals, helplessly in love with You.
I want to wake up eagerly, looking for Your smile
Anticipating Your presence in my day.
I want to fall asleep reluctantly, still immersed in Your presence
Immersed in the glory and the power of my God.
I want to dance with You, not only in wild delight
At the joyful remembrance of Your deliverance of me.
But also the slow intimante dance,
That belongs to lovers.
Where there is no shame or hindrances,
Only the sure acceptance of unconditional love.
Where there is no fear of abandonment,
Only the security that comes from promises kept.
I want You in every part of my life,
For You are the One that gave life to me.
I want to come to know You,
As deeply as You know me.
I want to swim deeper in the love You have for me,
And abandon my fear of drowning...
To lose myself along the way,
And be completely one with You,
Where words are no longer necessary,
And the only song there is -
- Is our hearts beating as one...

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