Friday, December 17, 2010

Between Me and Thee

Between Me and Thee
by: R.A. Slater

The spectators of this 'sport' look on and laugh
All they see is a spectacle of a woman
The super spiritual look sown their noses in keen disapproval
They declare it is nothing but an expression of the flesh by just one look
Still others look on in wonder
As they cannot see why I dance
They do not hear the song in the silence
And they do not hear the beat of the angels' wings
They cannot feel my joy at His very presence
They do not share in my jubilee
They do not realize the price that has been paid for my freedom
They do not know of my recent victories
They are content to sit and wonder as others laugh
Unwilling to listen to the testimonies I tell
"Crazy!" They all claim. "Foolishness!"
"It is the flesh!" They do declare. "She is delirious!"
"Why dance when there is no music?"

If only they were to walk a mile in my shoes
They would wonder no more
If only they could hear the music
Then they would dance with the angels
If only they knew the pain they unwittingly inflict
For they do not know who overhears their whispers
Let the mockers mock, let the pharisees scold
Let the wonderers wonder, let the watchers watch
For one day they too shall be judged
And they will learn what I already know
That Man's opinion is jaded
And not important in Eternity's eyes
That worship is between the worshipper and the One worshipped
Between the Father and me, between them and Him
For in the Last Day we will stand on our own
We are accountable for our actions alone
No longer can we claim that another distracted us
Or held us back from this treasure or that
For in the end, we are our own distraction
And we hold ourselves back

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