Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas
by: R.A. Slater
date unknown, maybe Christmas 2002...I forget which Christmas poem I wrote for FB first.

The sound reverberated throughout heaven...
Such a small sound, so simple and quiet...
Yet the sound of mankind's first act of rebellion,
Was the sound of their doom.

Heaven whispered...
"What will He do now?"
"Will He destroy them and start over?"
"What is their fate now?"

But His heart could not be changed.
These were His creation
Made by His hands, by His breath they lived...
He could not destroy them - they were His own.

He had given them the ability to make their own decisions
For what kind of worship is it, if it is forced and mindless?
They had chosen the wrong way, sin had crept in and been given room
But now He would offer them another choice.

Into the Garden He went
At His regular time
And Man's absence was keeny felt as He cried out,
"Where are you?"

His heart continued to break
He gave them chances to confess their wrong
Instead they passed the blaim
And never took responsibility for their own actions

Judgment came and the curse was pronounced
But not before the unexpected Promise was spoken - the promise of a Savior
Another choice that if they took
Would reconcile them to His presence

It was the longing ache of God's heart
That gave us the Virgin Birth
Christ born in a manger
The long awaited promise became flesh

Jesus lived His life upon this earth
He walked among us and He was one of us
Fully Man and fully God
And it was His love that led Him to the Cross

His love for a wayward people
Many who wandered aimlessly through this life
Some who had no names and were invisible
Many who were the worthless scum of society

People whom the manifest presence of God
Was just a story told of the past from time out of mind
All of these He died show them their great worth
That the God who created them wanted them back

The heart of Christmas
Is the heart of the Cross
It is the heart of the Creator
Desperate for His creation

For it is the name of Jesus, the name above all names
That reconciles us to His presence
He is the One who gives us life and hope
Where before there was death and despair

Do not turn away from the reason for this season
Do not hide yourselves in fear or pride
Do not attempt heaven on your own power
Do not look askance as if there were strings attached

We are the created, and we rebelled against our Creator
And instead of destroying us absolutely
He has given us a second choice
To accept the Christmas gift of the Cross

His only desire is to have us restored!
To be back in His presence, never to leave!
He longs for us with a passion
Far greater than we long for Him

Can't you hear Him calling?
"Where are you?" He cries out...
He knows our names as surely as He knew Adam's
"Where are you...I love you..."

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