Thursday, December 30, 2010


by: R.A. Slater

Out of my imagination flows
Vivid pictures of uncertainty
Lightning, hail, and rain
Fierce gales of the terrible tempest
Thunder crashing and rolling
Earth exploding and shaking
Chaos overthrowing order
Insanity reigning anew
Terror walking freely in the streets

Is this real, I wonder
Or the prodect of a bored imagination?
Could it be that I've watched too much rv?
Am I taking the bible too seriously
When it talks of wars-
And the rumors of wars
Marking the end days?
Regardless of the reality
They make for good poetry

I know not from whence they come
It really doesn't matter
So long as I can write them down
These crazy things I see and dream
For that is the best that I can do
Time will tell the truth of such things
It is not for me to judge
Only to relay the messages
Without censor or varnish

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