Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Miracle
by: R.A. Slater
Christmas 2001

Our God is a God of miracles
From the opening words of the Bible, He makes this very clear
He spoke - and the universe came into existence
He spoke - and the world was formed
He spoke - and this world was filled with plants and animals
With His hands He formed the first man
And the first breath that was breathed was the breath of God.

He could have stopped after that last day of creation - but He didn't
He could have stuck with the small everyday miracles
The ones of keeping the world in its orbit and the rising of the sun
But our God does not do that
With only 100 years warning, the earth was covered with flood waters
An act of judgement, yes - but no small miracle
With a thought our one language became many languages
Fire fell on Sodom and Gomorrah and a woman was turned into a pillar of salt
The miracle of Isaac is well known
Israel saw miracle after miracle in the desert - and still they turned away
Water parting and enemies defeated and the sun standing still
All this and more to show the mighty hand of God

And yet the thought of the Christmas Miracle
Far exceeds anything He'd done before
How could God pour Himself into a human shell?
Our bodies are so fragile, so unprotected from accident - a baby more so
Prone to illness and infirmity
Muddy clay was expected to hold the Son of God
The most amazing part of the Christ Child being born
Is that He was born to die

Some would like to seperate Christmas and Easter as two different miracles
They happened on opposite ends of His life here on Earth
And even happened at different times of the year
But aren't they one and the same?
A miracle spanning 33 years?
The effects of which we are still seeing today?
For His purpose even at birth was the cross
He walked this earth as one of us
He spoke to us, taught us, tried to reach our stubborn hearts
There was no other way to bring us home
Than for Him to hang on the cross

Upon this One that was born outside of sin and was sinless in every way
Was poured every manner of sin and foulness that did not belong to Him
So that you and I could be free from sin and live in victory
Heaven's glory He left for us
And the One who was blameless
Upon Him the Father could not look
So that upon us He could look - and see no sin
My freedom and yours was bought at a price
Blood that poured down from hands and feet and side
Was actually poured out from Christ's own love
And all this started in manger
With a baby born from above
This salvation I have received
Heaven's own bright, morning star
Is the Christmas miracle

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