Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Savior's Arms

I don't have a date for this one, but I'm going to guess it was written in the early 2000's...maybe 2001. Trying to guess by the print on the paper which printer it came from!!! My friend Jen is right, I've been a very sad person in the past. I would give a pretty penny to know what was going on when this was written.

My Savior's Arms
by: R.A. Slater

I can not take it anymore
The pressure is too great, and I am being crushed.
I think I shall pull away -
And sit it the corner -
I will not make any noise and I will not speak -
I will not let what I hear effect me -
I will not feel -
I will not feel the hurt and the pain -
Nor the joy and the peace -
I will not express myself -
And I will not be me -
And as I sit here in my sterile and cold prison,
I feel tears upon my face that did not fall from my eyes.
I look up into the crying face of my Savior, and I too begin to weep.
He picks me up and holds me close.
He whispers in my ear and heart,
"It is alright to cry, daughter," He says.
"Do no tbe ashamed of your tears, for I cry with you,
Yes, your heart is hurting; I know this as My own pain
But do not try to hide yourself away, for this will only hurt you more.
Hide yourself in Me.
The frail walls you try to hide behind will fall down
But if you will trust Me and come into My presence -
You will be far better protected.
Stay in My arms -
And I will hold you as You cry."
And so I will,
And when the crying is done,
I will stay in the protective custody of my Savior.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You sound a very fragile person when you wrote that one. Hopefully that is no longer.

Ciera said...

Each time I fall, each time my heart shatters...I become more stronger as I am put back together. Strange, but true. What would have devestated me a year ago, no longer would...and I know this from recent experience!