Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Life of Honor

This poem was originally dedicated to my pastors, my praise and worship leader, and my mentor. About May 17, 2005. I wonder if they remember this? Guess it doesn' t matter, it's still a good poem.

A Life of Honor
By: R.A. Slater

To many she was a lost cause,
Broken and shattered,
Wandering blindly through life.
But there were those who saw with Heaven’s eyes,
And saw through the filth and wounds,
Even through the fa├žade she presented.
Together they worked to bring forth a life of honor,
That was hidden deep within the abandoned vessel.
Slowly but surely layers came off,
Sins by her and sins against her,
The garments of heaviness were being laid aside.
Through their acts of kindness,
And love poured in,
They led her to the One who could cleanse her within.
And she emerged in robes of white,
Clothed in righteousness and glory,
And they were not surprised,
For they had seen this long before,
The end which was the true beginning of her life.
And as this woman began to live,
Sometimes stumbling, with faltering steps,
She wished to honor those who had sown into her,
Those who continued to encourage and teach her…
So she wrote this poem.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A fine poem, beautifully worded.

Ciera said...

thanks Jean-Luc