Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Secret Me

The first part of a companion set. October 2000. Exact date is unknown, as that was the least of my concern at the time...I was just trying to hold on to life at this point. I'll try to post the second one tomorrow.

The Secret Me
by: R.A. Slater

There is a secret me, deep inside
Where no one can see
The me that cries when others laugh
As they inflict a pain they do not understand
The me that laughs for no reason
Except for the pure joy that laughter brings
The me that hides when others draw close
Afraid to be hurt once again
The me that is ignored
When others of greater import are near
The me that is often silent
Afraid to lift my voice
The me who is quiet when others are loud
And loud when they are quiet
The me who despairs over the injustices of this angry world
Whose only power is to pray
The me who rejoices over Your presence in my Secret World

In the night, in the stillness of the shadows
The secret me tembles and quakes
At fears and dangers unseen
I find comfort in Your voice
As You whisper Your love, from heaven above
From deep in my heart, where Your presence abides
Only You can see
The me that longs to be
The me that longs to love and be loved
The me that longs to hold and be held
The me that longs to sing and be heard
The me that longs to dance in Your presence
The me that needs to be, but is afraid to come out of hiding
Afraid to laugh, afraid to love
Afraid to cry, afraid to sing
Afraid to dance, afraid to be held
Afraid to be the me that you made me to be
Afraid to be


Ciera said...

will someone tell me why I can't get blogger to except line indentations? Every other line was supposed to be indented!!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some things aren't built to do things.

As for your poem, we all have that 'Secret Me'. Excellent.