Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Ocean Between Us

Am writing this one - uhm - right now. Yeah, I know there is a novel with a similar title, but this title comes from........well, fact. There really is an ocean between him and I.

The Ocean Between Us
by R.A. Slater

Last night I dreamt that a miracle had happened
The world had shrunk in size
And there was no longer an ocean between us

I could hardly believe my eyes
As you stepped across the now minute span
And took my hand in yours

'Let's not waste this moment,'
You whispered in my ear
Drawing me close to you

I laid my head against your chest
And our arms wrapped around each other
As we danced barefoot on this sandy plain

It was over all too soon
You kissed me once and said goodbye
And the dream faded from my mind's eye

Gone was this miracle for the ocean between us had returned
But the reality of this was no longer harsh
Because I hold you in my thoughts


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What can I say, Ciera? Simply beautiful.

Ciera said...