Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Can See You

Here was what came shortly after The Secret Me poem, so it was still October 2000. One of the few poems I've written from God's perspective. And honestly, going over some of these old poems where God has spoken to me is really kind of helping where I'm at right now.

I Can See You
by: R.A. Slater

I can see the you that you try to hide
Deep inside your wounded heart
The you that is afraid to be, afraid to fly
Yet who is in plain sight for all to see
For you cannot hide, least of all from Me
You cannot help but be the you that I made you to be
My hand did not hesitate at your creation
I formed every line of your being
I molded your body
I molded your heart and soul
With my own hands
I do not create lightly
And put much thought into you
I feel your pain and your joy
I hear your song in the silence
I see the dance when you feet are frozen in place
I hear every prayer and feel every tear
I hold you in the night, in the fiery trial
And bring your tremors to an end
I hold you close to My heart
For you are no secret to Me
I who created you, loves you
You are not alone and not forgotten
You are never far from My thoughts
You are My child, My daughter, My beloved
In You I have placed My presence
I am the One who placed the song in your heart
I am the One who put the dance in your soul
I am the One who formed the laughter in you
I am the One who gave you this great compassion
I am the One who gave His life for you
That we might spend eternity together
I do not make mistakes
I made you who you are, in that there is no shame
I take joy in you, My desire is towards you
You are my heart's delight, now, forever, and always

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great visionary poem.