Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ringing of the Bell

Ringing of the Bell
by: R.A. Slater

The hour was late
When the bell was rung
Startling the sleeping
In their beds
What chaos ensued
While the sleeping joined the night watch
Some with swords already in hand
For they'd worn them to bed
Some were prompt, some were late
But the captains turned none away
Every straggler had a spot in line
Because every sword was needed
Regardless of the sharpness of the blade
And for those who came without
A weapon was found
For the enemy stood at the Rubicon
Flaunting their numbers
Flexing their muscles
Jeering and taunting
But never crossing
More than a toe over the line
The captains moved to and fro
Encouraging the members in their line
"Stand fast, lads" they would say
"Be strong! We've been here before,
"We'll be here again. We'll send them running
Every time, as we've done before."
But even they could not convince
Themselves of the truth
That this time there was something different
In the ringing of the bell
How clear each peel sounded
How crisp it did echo
Over the mountains and through dales
Calling all who would come

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