Sunday, April 22, 2012

Drunk People Suck

Drunk People Suck
by: R.A. Slater

Drunk people suck
They are too loud
Much too clumsy
They spill their drinks
All over the table or floor
They flit around and flirt
Until they can’t even walk
And have to crawl instead
They think of no one else but themselves
And expect their DD’s to take watch out for them
To clean up their messes
And pick them up time and time again
While they are having fun
The rest are stuck babysitting
Drinking water and soda
While the steak cooks
Maybe next time the tables will be turned
They’ll be the responsible ones
While we drink till we’re silly
But somehow I doubt it
For some people never change
So I’ll swallow my jealousy
And take a bottle for later
When I’m safe in my home
The dog has been walked
And my charge put to bed
It won’t be as much fun
But sometimes you take what you can get ;)

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