Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living Characters

Living Characters
by: R.A. Slater

Living characters in God's play
We frolic and romp
Across God's green earth
Running to and fro
Wreaking havoc and mayhem
Sowing love and joy
In a never ending battle
Between good and evil
With heaven as our audience
Angels and demons amongst the throng
And the Son our referee
He the master of detail
We cannot see it all
Plot lines run here
And then take off there
Splits and merges defying logic
The flaw in the weave
That holds it all together
Humans' free will
Free to chose their own side
Free to chose their own role
Destiny teases at the edges
A faint scent on the breeze
Some will chase it down
Hound dog on the run
Others will let it linger in the air
Wrapped up in their comforts
Our choice to make
Before the clock runs downs
And the curtain call sounds
Will there be applause?
Will they yell for an encore?
Or will silence be our due...

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