Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bad Days & Good Days

Bad Days & Good Days
by: R.A. Slater

For some reason I'll never understand
I have good days
When the hormones work right
And then I have bad days
When they just plain don't
There is no reason I see
For me to be this sad
I've tried all day to cheer myself
Even my patient partner has tried
And yet the depression persists
Draped around me like a wet blanket
Not warm or even cold
Just wet...heavy and suffocating
I try to think on the good
Of Him, cookies and love
But instead the bad sneaks in
The people I miss
The people I will miss
The bills coming due
The food pantry becoming bare
So I do what I know works
I sit down and resort to poetry
It might not solve anything
It usually doesn't
Except for peace that comes
In the venting
I might not feel happier
But I feel better
Just for the telling
There is magic here
Whether Godly or myself
I do not know
It does not matter

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