Thursday, November 04, 2010

Them There Bones

Them There Bones
by: R.A. Slater
circa: 1998-2007 - Written when my previous church was big into the Valley of Dry bones in the book of Ezekiel...chapter 37. Like the other poem, I have no idea when it was exactly written. just sometimes during the 1st Baptist church years.

Them there bones are dry and weary,
Cast into the fiery desert for an unknown purpose
Naked and brittle, broken and scattered,
They are the most wretched sight to be seen
Surely they are useless, with only decay in their future,
If they thought to rise and walk, no doubt they would fail
Dry and naked, surely they would creak, squeak and groan
And if the wind were to rise and give a gentle breeze,
They would most certainly collapse with a great rattle
And yet . . . we're not to give up on them there bones
For God has had much to say about these here bones,
For these here bones are you and I
Cast in the wilderness, but not forgotten
Not forever useless as we are being forged
Promises proclaimed and a hopeful future assured
These bones that have been scattered, He has promised to rebuild
These bones that are naked, He has promised to clothe in flesh again
These bones that He has broken, He has promised to mend, better than before
Thses bones that are brittle, He has promised to strengthen
These bones that squeak as if rusty, He has promised His oil for them
These bones that are dry and dead, He has promised to revive them in His waters
All His promises are true, they are "yes" and "amen"
These here bones are going to have the breath of life breahted into them
Once more to live, once more to prophesy, once more to praise
The very breath of God, an all consuming fire
Shall revive these here bones, and give new life and purpose to them
They shall rise to danec again, and perchance to dance
No longer shall they rattle in the wind,
They shall breathe it in, the breath of God

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