Friday, November 05, 2010

Hope Whispers

Hope Whispers, Hope Thunders
by: R.A. Slater

There you were
Sitting in the darkness
Thinking you were all alone
Ready to give up hope
And all done in
I could not, would not stop Myself
From reaching out to you
To show you My love
Wrap My arms around you
So I sent you a ray of sunshine
Light streaming through the rain
And gave you My sign
A promise to hold onto
When you are tired and weary
Oh My child, never give up
Hang onto hope!
Hang onto My promises!
You are not forsaken
Nor are you lost to me!
I hold you in My hand
I perform wonders for you
That no one else can see
You trained your eye long ago
To see Me when it is darkest
Look now, and you will see
Such glory and beauty
Lost to all others
You long to hear My whisper
As you did once
Pause and be silent, unsurprised
For you will hear My thunderings!
I have just begun My work in you
Through you, for you, beyond you
Hear My roar!

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