Monday, April 01, 2013

Fresh Meat

Usually I just let my poetry speak on its own, I figure it's usually pretty straight forward.  But since today is the start of the April Poem A Day challenge at the Writer's Digest poetry blog Poetic Asides I thought I'd just give readers a heads up.  :)

Fresh Meat
By: R. A. Slater

Here she is
Bright and shiny
Waltzing into our world
Effervescent bubbles
Tickling our noses
As we watch her with our beady eyes
We flex our claws
As we snarl and growl
This is our space
Who is she to think she belongs?
With halo’s sparkling in the night
We tear her apart
Our mouths biting deep
Not caring about truth
Our claws scratch and dig
Not caring if we maim
Blood we must draw
Pain we must taste
For that is the source of our power

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