Sunday, March 31, 2013

Here the Wounded

Here the Wounded
By: R. A. Slater

Last spring my heart was broken
Crushed by a man whose name I never knew
Torn asunder and cast aside
Needing a place to heal
Helpless I searched for refuge
Hounded the fair white halls
Each time I was turned away
A scarlet letter branded on my soul
Heart still bleeding I wandered
The desolate wilderness highways
Until at last I found a spot to huddle
With yesterday’s castaways among the refuse
And there among the garbage I found hope
For here the wounded embraced their own
Stronger together we formed a new family
One who held each other up
And helped each other heal
Beyond surviving we began to thrive
For here there was no false unity
Just a common thread of need
Sewing us together
Hope springing anew among the hopeless
An eternal flower budding fresh this spring
As life takes wing and soars above
Here the wounded become something more

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