Tuesday, April 02, 2013


By: R. A. Slater

One day I took a good hard look
At the Law they called the Word
And could not comprehend the stark shadings
Of absolute light and absolute dark
There was no warmth of love here
Only the harshness of fire and cold
Because it is just chapter in a book
And does not tell the all
Of the depth of His creation
The spectrum of His character
The deeds that He had done
One cannot look at the Law
Without looking at the Love
Sprinkled in the moments in-between

Like a jealous lover
Coveting our attention
His temper He sometimes lost
But remembering Himself
He draws close to us
Our hearts to woo
As He asks for our forgiveness
How can we say no to that?
Forgive as we’ve been forgiven
Love as we’ve been loved
Fully and passionately without reserve
Risking it all for a capricious one like us
There is no black and white in this place
Nor flitting shades of grey
For here the full spectrum resides
In the hearts of Men
Not in the pages of a book

pic by r.a.slater

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Kim E Williams said...

Powerful. So many wonderful queries raised here.