Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Poem in My Pocket

The Poem in My Pocket
by: R.A. Slater

I wrote a poem down
As is my wont
On the back of a piece paper
In the spare moments at work
When no one would mind
But it just wasn't flowing
The cadence was all off
So I folded it up
All nice and neat
And tucked it into my pocket
With the best of intentions
When I got home
The hustle and bustle of life
Got the best of me
And I forgot all about it
Until the next day at work
Thinking that it may have been good
That I never got to the laundry
Depending on your point of view
So I did what any poet would do
And wrote a poem about it
Which if you're now reading
Then you know that this time
I didn't forget one bit
About the poem in my pocket

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