Wednesday, May 02, 2012


by: R.A. Slater

It was a habit he had
Decidedly eccentric, but harmless
Collecting loose puzzle pieces
That had become misplaced
He found them everywhere
Under the couch, and on the stairs
Wedged in a corner, and under the bed
Amongst the trash on the street
Some were in pristine condition
Not a mar on them
Most were not
With faded colors and ragged edges

Each time he would check
If the pieces would fit in a slot
Of puzzles he already had
Sometimes he got lucky
Most often he did not
Until one day he decided
To see if the misfit pieces
Would fit together with each other

It was tedious at first
As colors would clash
And designs wouldn't mesh
But at last two did meet
And then a third
Encouraged he kept at it
Though it didn't come together
In just one night

Day by day he toiled
Fitting these pieces together
patiently as days faded into weeks
He did not give up
Though months turned into years
He had started something
And he would finish
Though he could not see the whole

Until at last all holes were filled
And the edges smooth
At first he saw nothing
A jumbled mess of color
But then he took a step back
And looked from a different perspective
The colors shifted as a kaleidoscope
And coalesced into an image
The very face of Christ

At first he was astounded
As each angle showed him a different expression
From the kind Teacher to the Resurrected King
But what held him the most
Was the face of the Persecuted Crucified Christ
Blood flowing as sweat
Mingling with tears
On a face of agony

He knew that he could not keep secret
The truth of the misfit puzzle pieces
He called his friends and family
And strangers off the street
To come and see this masterpiece

A precious few saw what he had found
Though some needed it pointed out to them
Most could not see a thing, however
They thought him quite mad
And spoke of men in white and straightjackets
After all, misfit puzzle pieces were meant to be tossed
Not meant to be kept, and certainly not together
But he knew the truth
And shut that kind out

The pieces though lost
And not fitting with others
Fit together in an odd symetry
For though they were different
They were of one Body

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Jackie Brown said...

Robin I really like this one...