Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Double Standards

Double Standards
By: R. A. Slater

I reaped the benefits of his sexism
Favored because of my gender
But I grew tired of it after awhile
A line I would not cross
Men were crapped upon
As were the less endowed
He couldn't even be consistent in that
Knowing others had spoken before
And failed in their attempt
The truth fallen unheard
So I bided my time as I searched
Then gave my notice with glee
They tried to screw me even then
Dismissing me before my time was done
They gave me a sop
Hoping I'd just go away
But I took great care
Filling out my exit papers in detail
Finding out later
Thru the grapevine
That I had made his life at work
Too hot for him to handle
And he beat them to the punch
Quitting and leaving the state
What joy I felt was coupled with my shame
At not speaking up sooner

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