Saturday, August 15, 2009

Desert Wind

Desert Wind
by: R.A. Slater

Standing in the midst of this vast desert
I swallow my fear and loneliness
Reminding myself all the reasons
Why there is nothing to fear
And that I am never truly alone

The howling desert wind is mocking
Trying to distract me
Telling me the many reasons to fear
And asking me where this God is
That I am never alone

In truth, I have wondered this myself
He who walked so close
Now seems so far and distant
I have looked for Him and called His name
But all I hear are echoes

I draw my cloak around me
Not knowing if it is a cloak of light or despair
Regardless it keeps the scouring sand
Away from me and protects all that is delicate
All that is precious

Or is it?
Is it as precious as I think?
Or has this wind been sent by God
To scour away the very things
That hinder His answer?

I will never know
Unless I let down my defenses
And let the wind batter me
Let the sand scour me
And strip it all away

It could work that way
Or it could be
That the wind is lying to me
As it mocks and jabs
Every chance it gets

So I will continue to wait
And to wander in the direction He set
Until I find an answer
To draw deeper in my cloak
Or shed it and let the scouring begin

It is a thing of faith
A leap to take, either way
I could be wrong, I could be right
But I know that He is still faithful
And can make even my mistakes into something beautiful

For my mistakes, fumbling, and sins
Are not the end of me
Nor are they beyond something He can handle
In fact, they do not surprise Him
And were planned for long ago

And taken care of before I was born
No matter how hard the enemy tries
He can not take that Cross away
Nor the blood that covers me
And makes me whole

So I trudge on
Trusting in Him I cannot see
Believing He is still there
Hoping He is still with me
Carrying me

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good, powerful, descriptive poem.