Thursday, January 25, 2007

Robin's Psalm II

Robin's Psalm II


by: R.A. Slater/1-22-07

The pillars of heaven and earth did shake

And the gates of hell flew open

The forces of evil assaulted me without mercy

And to my shame...I was afraid and I did tremble

I fell beneath the onslaught, neglecting to cry out for help

I cowered in fear and shame, my tears mingling with the falling rain

Beneath my hands as I pounded my fists in anger

I felt the cool wet Rock

Greater than my shame, was the shame I had brought Him

But in my despair, I clung to Him

Knowing Him just well enough to know that He was still there

Still my salvation, still my fortress, still my refuge

I poured out my tears to Him, told him my heart, shared my fears

And I found, that although I fell down

I was not moved as I weathered the storm.


Paige said...

Very good. Oh how often we all forget to call for help.

Debojit Chowdhury said...

Hi, thank you for your lovely comment. I really liked your blog, very inspiring. Please keep in touch. I will add a link to your blog. God bless

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good; very well written.